Steven Malcolm Releases Official Video for “Monster” Ft. LZ7

Steven Malcolm, a prominent figure in faith-based hip-hop music, has unveiled the official music video for his song “Monster” featuring LZ7.

The song, which is part of his album “Tree” released in 2022, showcases Malcolm’s swift flows and melodic riddim while addressing the challenges and struggles he faces.

In the video, Malcolm visually brings to life the concept of battling the “monster” that lies within, depicting the internal struggles and conflicts that many individuals can relate to. The powerful lyricism of the song, combined with the energetic visuals, creates a compelling and impactful experience for viewers.

As a 5-time GMA Dove Award nominee, Steven Malcolm continues to make his mark in the music industry with his unique blend of faith-based lyrics and hip-hop beats. The release of the official video for “Monster” further solidifies his position as a leading voice in this genre.

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