Tarcea Renee Releases ‘Godly Ambition’ Single & Music Video

Tarcea renee
Tarcea Renee

St. Louis native Tarcea Renee released a trap-style single called “Godly Ambition” to end 2022 with a bang! The single is a high-energy, anthemic track written by Renee, and the track is produced by Fantom

“Godly Ambition” embodies a celebration of life, faith, and the pursuit of God’s calling, encapsulating the essence of enjoying the blessings that He has bestowed upon us. Tarcea Renee’s aim in creating the song and video was to express the joy and ambition inherent in living out God’s purpose, all while reveling in the goodness that He has provided.

Tarcea renee godly ambition

The music video, filmed by Vivid Cortez in St. Louis, MO, is a visual feast of energy and enthusiasm, featuring a striking red Camaro with butterfly doors, lively scenes with family and friends vibing to the music, and captivating performance sequences that bring the spirit of “Godly Ambition” to life.

The single’s infectious chorus, featuring the lyrics “I got Godly Ambition, Yeah I got God Ambition, Yeah All prayer, all grace, no luck, no wishes I got Godly Ambition, Godly Ambition, Yeah”, embodies the essence of faith, determination, and unwavering belief in pursuing God’s purpose with fervor and joy.

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