Terrian Releases New Song “Honestly, We Just Need Jesus” and Announces Debut Album “Give It Time”


Powerhouse vocalist Terrian, signed to Gotee Records, is making waves with her new song “Honestly, We Just Need Jesus,” which is featured on her forthcoming album, “Give It Time.” The song is currently being featured on K-LOVE’s First, and the official music video, filmed on location in New York City last October, has also been released.

Terrian describes the journey of the song, sharing that she has worked on it for two years, and despite the passage of time, it has remained relevant and engaging with the culture and climate of our day. The music video was filmed on a rooftop in New York City, coinciding with protests happening just a few miles away. The juxtaposition of singing “Honestly, We Just Need Jesus” while protests were taking place and helicopters were in the air created a powerful and sobering moment.

Give it time cover art
Give It Time Cover Art

Reflecting on the experience, Terrian shares the significance of being on a rooftop, feeling vulnerable and small in the midst of the chaos below. It served as a reminder of the human need for a loving Savior who brings healing, forgiveness, and a desire for His reign. Jesus has done all of that and more, making Him the one we truly need.

“Give It Time,” Terrian’s debut full-length album, showcases a vibrant mix of pop and R&B with traces of her Gospel upbringing. The album features earnest and thoughtful lyrics paired with high-energy tracks and moving ballads. Songs like “Big God,” “Honestly, We Just Need Jesus,” and the title track highlight Terrian’s stunning vocals and unwavering belief in God’s perfect timing. The album also includes guest appearances from Gotee founder and artist TobyMac, Aaron Cole, and Joshua Aaron, with production credits from Joel Setien, Jordan Mohilowski, and Toby McKeehan.

Terrian’s music combines powerful vocals, infectious melodies, and a positive outlook, making her a rising star in the industry. Her debut album, “Give It Time,” is sure to captivate listeners with its uplifting and impactful sound.

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