The Bootleggers Music Group Spreads Christmas Joy with New Release “The Christmas Gift”

The bootleggers music group
The Bootleggers Music Group

The Bootleggers Music Group, an international collective of musicians, artists, producers, composers, and writers, is thrilled to announce the release of their latest Christmas song, “The Christmas Gift.” This heartfelt composition embodies the group’s mission of spreading love and unity through the power of music.

The Bootleggers Music Group exists as an “eighth continent,” a land without borders or divisions, united by the belief that music is love and has the ability to nourish all beings. With soul as their currency, the collective aims to share their wealth one tune at a time, bringing people from all walks of life together to create a more loving and caring world.

The christmas gift
The Christmas Gift

Their musical output defies definition, encompassing various genres such as Americana, blues, jazz, rap, Christian rock, and classic rock. The group’s diverse taste and style allow them to distribute their musical goods to a wide audience, transcending boundaries and appealing to listeners from different backgrounds.

The Bootleggers Music Group recognizes music as a unifying force and a universal language. They believe that music is the language of God, capable of elevating, inspiring, and consoling the deepest aspects of the soul. As a collective, they channel this sacred language boundlessly, creating a profound connection with their listeners.

While many members of the group are of the Christian faith and produce distinctly Christian music, they do not have a religious conversion agenda. Their primary focus is to bring people together through the transformative power of music. Their latest release, “Jesus Is To Be Praised,” exemplifies this by being translated into seven different languages and produced on seven continents, showcasing collaboration among musicians of various religions.

“The Christmas Gift” is a testament to the Bootleggers Music Group’s commitment to spreading joy and peace through their music. As the holiday season approaches, this heartfelt Christmas song is sure to touch the hearts of listeners worldwide, reminding them of the true spirit of the season.

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