Trampolines Releases “Rise” Music Video featuring 1k Phew

Trampolines, known for their eclectic music and mission-focused approach, has just released their latest song and accompanying music video titled “Rise.” The track features the collaboration of 1k Phew and was co-written with emerging artist Zaq Monroe. The music video can be watched at link.

“Rise” is not only a musical creation but also marks the launch of Trampolines’ new label, Radial Music Group. Lane Terzieff of Trampolines expressed excitement about the new label and their mission to support musicians with a heart for ministry. Zaq Monroe shared that the song was born out of a desire to live a life of purpose and impact for God’s kingdom.

The song’s message resonates with individuals who are seeking to step out of their comfort zones and embrace a greater purpose, whether they are seasoned believers or newcomers to the faith. The collaboration with 1k Phew and the dynamic musical style of Trampolines create an engaging and powerful anthem.

Trampolines is known for donating 100% of their proceeds to support missions work and initiatives against human trafficking. “Rise” continues this mission by raising funds for evangelism and anti-human trafficking efforts

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