Video for “No Longer Bound (I’m Free)” by Maverick City, Chandler Moore, and Forrest Frank Released

TRIBL has released the official video for the latest song “No Longer Bound (I’m Free)” by Maverick City Music, Chandler Moore, and Forrest Frank. The song was written collaboratively by Frank, Moore, and Taylor Hill. Originally featuring Hulvey, the track made its debut on Forrest Frank’s album “California Cowboy,” which was released earlier this summer.

“No Longer Bound (I’m Free)” carries a message of freedom and liberation, emphasizing the concept of breaking free from constraints and finding a new sense of life and purpose. The song’s powerful lyrics and music have resonated with listeners, making it a significant addition to the repertoire of Maverick City Music and its collaborators.

The official video release offers an engaging visual representation of the song, enhancing the listener’s experience and connection with the music. Maverick City Music, along with Chandler Moore and Forrest Frank, continues to create music that touches hearts and inspires worshipers around the world

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