Village Lights Outdoors Deluxe Version of Debut Album “Kingdom”

Village Lights
Village Lights

Celebrated musical ensemble comprised of Sarah Kroger, Ricky Vazquez, and Ike Ndolo Village Lights, is proud to announce the release of a deluxe version of their debut album, “Kingdom.” This expanded collection not only features the captivating tracks from the original album but also includes live recordings that capture the essence of Village Lights’ deep commitment to fostering a sense of community and togetherness through their music.

Inspired by the traditional liturgical feast of “Christ the King of the Universe,” which was historically observed in the Church during a period marked by the rise of nationalism around the world, Village Lights embarked on a musical journey that aligns with the core message of this feast. “Kingdom” was created as a way to bring people together and remind them that their ultimate allegiance lies with Christ as their King.

Village Lights kingdom
Village Lights kingdom deluxe cover

The deluxe version of “Kingdom” takes this concept of communal worship to the next level by incorporating live recordings. These tracks were captured in the midst of a vibrant and passionate community of worshipers, enhancing the album’s authenticity and allowing listeners to experience the power and beauty of worship in a collective setting.

Village Lights’ music has always carried a profound message of unity, faith, and devotion. The live recordings on this deluxe edition further exemplify their dedication to creating an atmosphere where people can come together to celebrate their shared belief in Christ, the true King.

Listeners can expect to be moved by the rich harmonies, heartfelt lyrics, and the genuine sense of worship that permeates every note of “Kingdom.” The album, both in its original form and in this deluxe version, serves as an invitation to join in the celebration of Christ as the King of our lives, our communities, and the entire universe.

“Kingdom (Deluxe Version)” by Village Lights is now available for streaming and download. It offers a unique opportunity to not only enjoy the band’s beautiful music but also to connect with others in a shared experience of faith and worship.

Listen to the full album on all platforms here

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