Aaron Kindvall Shares the Joy of Christmas with ‘Angels Sing”

Aaron kindvall

Rising Christian artist Aaron Kindvall has taken the Christmas season by storm with his latest release, “Angels Sing.” This heartfelt song offers a fresh perspective on the Christmas story, delivering a message of peace and joy that resonates with listeners.

“Angels Sing” is a beautiful rendition of the Christmas story in song, capturing the essence of the season and reminding listeners of the true reason for celebration. Aaron Kindvall’s debut solo album, also titled “Angels Sing,” features eight diverse tracks that showcase his versatility as an artist.

Aaron kindvall angels sing
Angels Sing Coverart

The album kicks off with a folky intro of an old classic, setting the stage for a musical journey that transitions seamlessly into the rock-infused “Our King is Here.” This energetic track is sure to have listeners rocking around the Christmas tree.

As a worship leader, Aaron Kindvall’s background shines through in the title track, “Angels Sing.” This original song, inspired by Luke chapter 2, beautifully tells the Christmas story and echoes the joyous song of the angels, declaring God’s peace for all through Christ.

The “Angels Sing” album captures the wonder of Christ’s birth and celebrates the beauty of winter and the joy of gathering with family during the holidays. Each track is crafted with care, reflecting Kindvall’s deep connection to his faith and his desire to inspire others through his music.

With “Angels Sing,” Aaron Kindvall hopes to have his song featured on Christmas playlists and in movies, as it brings the true meaning of the season to the forefront and leaves listeners with a sense of peace and joy. His debut album showcases his talent as a singer-songwriter and offers a fresh perspective on the Christmas narrative.

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