CY Abujade Releases Uplifting New Song “Jesus Is Coming Again”

Cy abujade
CY Abujade

Christian songwriter and worship leader CY Abujade, has unveiled her latest musical creation, “Jesus Is Coming Again.” This heartfelt and uplifting track carries a powerful message of hope, faith, and love, inspiring listeners to deepen their relationship with Christ and embrace His unconditional love.

“Jesus Is Coming Again” beautifully describes the life and ministry of Christ, His sacrifice on the cross, and His redemption of humanity. It serves as a reminder of the eternal life that awaits believers and builds anticipation for Christ’s glorious return. CY Abujade’s profound belief in the transformative power of God’s love shines through in every note of this uplifting song.

Cy abujade jesus is coming again
Jesus Is Coming Again Cover Art

As a dedicated servant of her local church, CY Abujade is committed to spreading God’s love through her music. With her debut single, “Jesus Is Coming Again,” she aims to touch the hearts and minds of listeners, creating a source of joy and encouragement for a wide audience.

CY Abujade, along with her husband Layi, strives to build the kingdom of God through acts of love and service. Their dedication to bringing hope, joy, and spiritual growth to their community and beyond is evident in the heartfelt lyrics and inspiring melodies of “Jesus Is Coming Again.”

With its powerful message and uplifting melody, “Jesus Is Coming Again” serves as a reminder of our shared life with Christ and instills in listeners a joyful anticipation for His return. CY Abujade’s debut single is a testament to her commitment to serving God and spreading His love through her music.

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