Afrobeats Worship Debuts with Refreshing Single: “Bless The Lord (x10,000)”

Afrobeats worship
Afrobeats Worship

Afrobeats Worship, a dynamic duo composed of Kanji Mbugua and Rashon Murph, is thrilled to present their debut single, “Bless The Lord (x10,000).” This unique rendition breathes new life into Matt Redman’s beloved worship classic by infusing it with their African roots and a vibrant Afrobeats twist.

In a transformative studio session, Afrobeats Worship, joined by Kenyan artist Rigga, sought to reimagine a cherished Church anthem for younger generations. Kanji Mbugua reflects on the motivation behind this innovative project: “We’ve witnessed young people choosing not to engage with Christian music, and that’s deeply concerning to us. We pondered the possibility of creating music that resonates with young people, allowing them to experience the same profound truths of God.”

The response to the initial social media release of “Bless The Lord (x10,000)” was overwhelming, signifying a powerful connection with listeners. Encouraged by Matt Redman and others, Afrobeats Worship enlisted the talents of Trevor Brown for vocal production, Polycarp Otieno Fancy Fingers for guitar work, and Kenyan collective Pambio, enhancing the song’s impact.

Kanji sums up the approach: “We started with a deep appreciation for the original while aspiring to craft a song that would resonate with young people who embrace this genre.” With this debut, Afrobeats Worship pioneers a fresh path in the realm of worship, rekindling enthusiasm for Jesus and worship within the contemporary Church.

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