Amy Grant Unveils Long-Awaited ‘Lead Me On Live 1989’ Album

Amy grant
Amy Grant

Six-time GRAMMY-winner Amy Grant has answered the fervent prayers of her fans by releasing the highly anticipated project, ‘Lead Me On Live 1989.’ This exceptional collection, now available in all digital formats and as a 2-CD set, takes listeners on a captivating journey back to the 1988-89 ‘Lead Me On World Tour.’ Fans can also join Amy Grant for a live Q&A session on her Facebook or Instagram page today at 11:30 am CST.

‘Lead Me On Live 1989’ captures the magic of Amy Grant’s iconic tour, with 18 tracks recorded during her performance in Ft. Worth, TX. While a few songs were previously released on the 20th Anniversary Edition of the original ‘Lead Me On’ album, this new collection offers fans their first complete experience of the unforgettable concert.

Amy grant lead me on live 1989
Amy Grant Lead Me On Live 1989

Rediscovered and unveiled from the vault after 34 years, this project allows fans to relive all the songs from Grant’s largest tour at that point in her career. The late ’80s marked a period of remarkable audience growth for Amy Grant, and this album showcases her commitment to delivering an unparalleled live experience.

Furthermore, all salvageable film footage from the 1989 show is being shared for the first time. The debut music video from this collection, “Wait For The Healing,” is now available on YouTube. In total, fans can anticipate the release of 15 full-length music videos, along with additional behind-the-scenes content, shorts, and reels.

To celebrate the release, fans can explore all-new merchandise, fan packs, and bundles related to the project on Amy Grant’s official website at

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