Bethel Music’s Zahriya Zachary Releases New EP “Surrounded By Holy”

Zahriya zachary
Zahriya Zachary

Bethel Music Collective artist Zahriya Zachary has unveiled her latest EP, “Surrounded By Holy,” featuring a captivating live version of the title track recorded during this year’s Worship School. The introspective single originally appeared on Bethel Music’s “Come Up Here” earlier this year, celebrating the divine majesty of God’s creation.

Zahriya shares her inspiration for “Surrounded by Holy,” saying, “The song is a glimpse into the heavenly throne room, where an eternal song of worship surrounds the Lamb of God, joined by saints and angels. When we enter God’s presence on Earth, our natural response is to join in this heavenly chorus. Leading this song live at Worship School was a profoundly moving experience, and we couldn’t deny His presence in that room. His presence fills us with awe and wonder.”

Hailing from Spring, Texas, Zahriya Zachary didn’t grow up in a musical family, but her passion for music ignited at the tender age of six when she began learning to play the piano. She stepped into worship leadership as a college freshman, following a clear message from the Lord that it was time to begin. During her college years, Zahriya volunteered on her church’s worship team, where she deepened her understanding of what it means to have a heart of worship.

Zahriya made her debut on Bethel Music with “Homecoming” in 2021, leading “Back To Life” and joining Brian Johnson to lead “Hymn Of Heaven.” Her debut solo single, “Simple Ways,” released in the summer of 2022, reflects on the often-overlooked joys in the midst of life’s daily chaos. Most recently, she contributed to “Come Up Here” (2023) by leading “Surrounded By Holy.” Zahriya believes that worship is where we truly belong, and her desire is to lead people to Jesus through her music.

You can listen to the “Surrounded By Holy” EP here.

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