Third Culture Worship Kids Encourage Positive Mornings with “Good Morning God (The Wake Up Song)”

Third culture worship
Third Culture Worship

Third Culture Worship Kids, featuring the talents of Zion Thompson and Alyssa Flores, is thrilled to present their latest single, “Good Morning God (The Wake Up Song).”

This isn’t just a lively and cheerful track; it’s a song that embodies the values of love, connection, and the uplifting power of starting your day on a positive note.

Vaughn Thompson Jr. shares the inspiration behind the song, saying, “It all began as a simple jingle that my son and I sang during our school commute. We compiled scriptures and phrases to create a morning ritual that set the right tone for our day. As time went on, we felt a deep desire to share this uplifting rhythm with other families, helping parents infuse their mornings with positivity and a strong connection to God.”

Their mission was clear: to make mornings more than just a routine. With “Good Morning God (The Wake Up Song),” Third Culture Worship Kids aim to assist parents in instilling positivity, faith, and fun right from the moment their kids wake up.

This song isn’t just an audio experience; it’s accompanied by a dynamic lyric video designed to get children singing along. It’s the perfect addition for parents seeking engaging content on platforms like YouTube for their kids.

“Good Morning God (The Wake Up Song)” is now available on all major music platforms, and it’s poised to become the new morning anthem for families everywhere.

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