Bisola Captures the Magic of the Season in New Song “This Christmas”


UK-based singer-songwriter Bisola returns with a heart-warming Christmas track, “This Christmas,” a song brimming with uplifting messages and a touch of her signature soulful charm. The release marks the return of a beloved festive tune, reminding listeners of the magic and joy that surrounds the holiday season.

Bisola is no stranger to the spotlight. Having won the 2019 International Singer Songwriters Association award for Best International Female Single of the Year for her powerful track “Come Alive,” she continues to captivate audiences with her captivating vocals and heartfelt songwriting. Her previous single, “Million Miles,” reached the number one spot on a US radio music chart in 2017, solidifying her international appeal.

Bisola This Christmas
This Christmas cover art

“This Christmas” isn’t just a holiday song – it’s a reminder of the importance of love, hope, and peace. Bisola’s soulful vocals weave through a vibrant melody, creating an atmosphere of warmth and festive cheer. The lyrics offer a message of unity, encouraging listeners to connect with loved ones and cherish the precious moments of the season.

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