Victory Worship Uplifts Spirits with New Christmas Anthem “Cradle to Crown”

Victory worship
Victory Worship

Just in time for the holiday season, Victory Worship, the music ministry of Victory Christian Church, releases their uplifting Christmas anthem, “Cradle to Crown.” This celebratory track invites listeners to refocus their Christmas worship on the true meaning of the season: the birth of the King of kings.

“We wanted to create a song that shifted the focus from just celebrating the birth of a baby to recognizing the birth of the Savior of the world“. “The lyrics of ‘Cradle to Crown’ declare that this baby born in a manger would one day wear a crown of thorns and then a crown of glory.”

“Cradle to Crown” boasts a singable melody that’s easy to learn and remember, making it perfect for congregational worship. The declarative lyrics and energetic musical arrangement further enhance the song’s celebratory spirit, ensuring it becomes a staple in any Christmas playlist.

Victory Worship, an initiative of the Victory Christian Church, a multi-site church based in Indianapolis, IN, has a passion for creating music that inspires and uplifts. This new Christmas song perfectly exemplifies their mission, offering a powerful and joyful expression of faith for the holiday season.

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