Blessing Osaghae Releases Soul-Stirring Single “Here Is Your Glory”

UK-based Pastor and Music Minister, Blessing Osaghae, has unveiled her latest soul-stirring single titled “Here Is Your Glory.” The song is part of her sophomore album titled “Wave of Glory.”

Written by Blessing Osaghae and O’tega Ariawhe, “Here Is Your Glory” emerged during a meditative moment on Psalms 19 in 2020. As Blessing meditated on the scripture, she felt the tangible presence of God’s glory and was moved to speak the words, “Lord, here is your glory.”

The song’s chorus was later co-written with Otega Ariawhe, adding depth to the heartfelt expression of God’s glory. With a desire to manifest the Shekinah Glory of God through her music, Blessing Osaghae believes that the song will resonate with listeners in various settings, whether it’s in homes, cars, or church gatherings.

Blessing’s musical journey has been one of spiritual connection and powerful expression, and “Here Is Your Glory” continues to uphold that tradition. With its profound lyrics and moving melody, the song is poised to touch the hearts of individuals seeking a deeper connection with the divine.

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