Branan Murphy Unveils Heartfelt Thanksgiving Anthem “Thankful”

Branan murphy
Branan Murphy

As the Thanksgiving season envelops the air and people reflect on the blessings of 2023, Branan Murphy delivers a timely gift with the release of his new song, “Thankful.” Produced and co-written by Dove Award-winning producer Jordan Sapp, the ballad encourages listeners to maintain a grateful heart, regardless of life’s circumstances.

The heartfelt anthem marks Branan Murphy’s eighth song release of the year, following a string of successful tracks such as “Life Is Hard. God Is Good.,” “Still,” and the hit single “Look At What Grace Can Do.” Dove Award-winning producer Jordan Sapp’s collaboration with Murphy has once again resulted in a compelling musical expression that resonates with audiences.

2023 has been a bustling year for Branan Murphy, and “Thankful” sets the stage for what’s next in 2024 — a highly anticipated album titled “Life Is Hard. God Is Good.” Stay tuned for further announcements as Murphy continues to make his mark in the music scene.

Listen or purchase “Thankful” to experience the uplifting and gratitude-filled message embedded in Branan Murphy’s latest musical offering. As the weather turns colder and daylight wanes, “Thankful” serves as a poignant reminder to cherish the blessings that life brings.

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