Lacey Sturm Unleashes Transformative Sophomore Solo Album ‘Kenotic Metanoia’

Lacey sturm
Lacey Sturm

Renowned former Flyleaf lead singer Lacey Sturm has officially released her much-anticipated sophomore solo album, “Kenotic Metanoia,” available for listeners worldwide starting November 17. The independent project features a string of compelling singles, including “Awaken Love,” “Reconcile,” and “Breathe With Me.”

The enigmatic title of the album draws inspiration from two Greek words: “kenosis,” symbolizing a state of self-emptying, and “metanoia,” representing a profound transformation and redirection. Together, Sturm explains that “kenotic metanoia” captures the moment when one begins to perceive a deeper truth about reality, prompting a call to leave behind an old version of oneself.

Throughout the album, Sturm navigates the complexities of the human experience, addressing themes of suffering, spiritual growth, and embracing the challenges that life presents. The tracks, such as “Breathe With Me” and “Not Your Fight,” offer an intimate glimpse into a spiritual journey marked by surrender and contemplation.

Lacey sturm kenotic metanoia
Lacey Sturm Kenotic Metanoia

Sturm describes the album as a personal exploration, saying, “All these songs have been for my own heart. When David sings the Psalms, a lot of the time he’s telling his soul what to do. That’s me too in this: telling my soul, singing what I know to be true.”

“Kenotic Metanoia” showcases the full spectrum of Sturm’s songwriting and vocal prowess, accompanied by the broiling guitar riffs of her husband, Josh Sturm. The result is an album that lives up to the expectations of fans who have eagerly awaited Sturm’s return to the music scene.

The release of “Kenotic Metanoia” follows a successful summer for Lacey Sturm, where she led Flyleaf through a series of reunion dates. The band’s powerful performances at festivals like Sick New World and Rockfest demonstrated that their emotive hard rock continues to resonate strongly with their dedicated fanbase.

Listeners can experience the transformative journey captured in “Kenotic Metanoia” by accessing the album here. Lacey Sturm’s second solo venture promises to leave a lasting impact with its compelling blend of poignant lyrics, scorching vocal tones, and powerful instrumentals

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