Brooke Ligertwood’s “EIGHT” Album: A Masterpiece of Faith, Music, and Healing

Brooke ligertwood
Brooke Ligertwood

Renowned worship leader, songwriter, and GRAMMY-award-winning artist Brooke Ligertwood has unveiled her highly anticipated sophomore solo album, “EIGHT.” This compelling release is a profound collection of 11 songs that are masterfully composed and deeply spiritual, reflecting the artist’s faith and resilience.

Brooke Ligertwood is celebrated worldwide for her immense contribution to the world of Christian music. Her distinctive and powerful songs, such as “What A Beautiful Name,” “King of Kings,” “Hosanna,” “Awake My Soul,” “New Wine,” and “None But Jesus,” have resonated with millions and become cherished anthems of worship.

Brooke ligertwood eight
Brooke Ligertwood Eight

The lead single from the album, “Bless God,” sets the tone for the entire collection. The song is both invitational and declarative, exuding an anthemic quality that speaks to the heart of the Church. It’s a beautiful and impactful composition that captures the essence of worship and praise.

“EIGHT” was crafted in the midst of various traumas, both ongoing and recent. Despite the challenging circumstances, this album serves as a message of hope, healing, and steadfast faith. Brooke Ligertwood reflects on the transformative power of music: “All that to say, it’s a message from the middle. It’s weird here. But the Lord is still good here.”

Each song on the album carries a profound message, and Brooke Ligertwood’s distinctive voice and songwriting shine through every track. The lyrics are deeply prayerful and offer solace to those who listen, making “EIGHT” not only a musical masterpiece but also a source of comfort and healing.

The artist’s impact is undeniable, with over 7 billion career streams and 20 million career album sales. Her songs have been translated into more than 15 languages, and she holds the distinction of topping the CCLI chart with two No. 1 songs and several Top 25 tracks.

As “EIGHT” is unveiled to the world, it promises to be a source of inspiration, hope, and a testament to the enduring power of faith and music. Listen on All platforms here

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