Charly Beathard Joins Gotee Records

Charly beathard
Charly Beathard

Gotee Records proudly announces the signing of Nashville-based singer-songwriter, Charly Beathard, to its esteemed roster.

Charly Beathard, a worship leader, has cultivated her unique voice and profound songwriting to emerge as an artist renowned for her authenticity. Gotee Records had the privilege of experiencing Beathard’s talent firsthand during a worship session at Franklin Prayer House in Franklin, TN. Her genuine connection to worship transcended industry expectations, resonating deeply with all those present.

Jess Loper, A&R at Gotee Records, shares the pivotal moment: “Joey Elwood, the President of our label, asked me to stop in and watch Charly lead worship at a small room in downtown Franklin early one morning. I snuck in the back of that room and was immediately floored by the sincerity and emotion in her voice. Her songwriting has grown so much. She is crafting veritable lyrics that universally resonate. We are so grateful for the chance to help share her music and what she is creating with the world.”

Beathard’s music emanates her innate desire to lead others to God, matched perfectly with her raw and honest vocal delivery. As a songwriter, she skillfully weaves stories that testify to her profound belief in God’s promises.

Joey Elwood, President of Gotee Records, adds, “I love watching how people respond to Charly. She is very unassuming, but she has this authenticity and sincerity to her that kind of just draws you in. And her music reflects those qualities, so it’s like a slow burn on you when you begin to engage with her personally and musically. I have a feeling the audience that ends up gathering around her and her music will be evangelists and tell others about Charly because you just sort of believe ‘her’ in the most profound way. I know all of us at Gotee consider ourselves very fortunate to go on this ride with Charly and we already feel we’re moving in a direction that we’re proud to get to work with her and her music.”

Charly Beathard’s journey in music might seem surprising considering her family’s deep roots in country music. Her father, Casey Beathard, is a renowned country songwriter, and her brother Tucker is an emerging artist on Warner Music Nashville. However, Charly’s connection to music was not always apparent, despite her family’s musical legacy.

In addition to her music pursuits, the Beathard family also has a strong connection to football. Charly’s grandfather is NFL Hall of Famer Bobby Beathard, and her brother C.J. is a quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars, while her brother Clay played quarterback at Long Island University.

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