Citizens Release ‘I can’t find the edges of you’ Deluxe Edition


Citizens have released a deluxe edition of their album ‘i can’t find the edges of you.’ The original album invited listeners to embrace the acceptance of not knowing everything, and now Citizens are delving deeper into the discovery of God.

They aim to engage their audience’s imagination and inspire them to reconsider their perceptions and presuppositions of the Divine. The extended edition of the album includes two new live tracks and continues to tell the story of Citizens’ endless exploration of faith and creativity.

According to Zach, one of the members of Citizens, many times we think we are grazing the edges of God, not realizing that it’s our own edges that we are bumping up against. He explains that we often create walls and boundaries for God to exist within, but the Divine Mystery isn’t trying to make sense. The album challenges these self-imposed limitations and embraces the mystery of the Divine.

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