FAITHFUL Unveils Timeless Single “Wondrous Things”


Musical group FAITHFUL has recently released their latest single titled “Wondrous Things.” The song was written by Sandra McCracken, JJ Heller, and Patsy Clairmont.

“Wondrous Things” extends a poetic invitation to the King, expressing a desire for His glory to fill not only a room but also the city and the entire earth. The collaborative effort of the songwriters brings a richness to the music, and Patsy Clairmont hopes that the song will inspire hope and unity.

Sandra McCracken, one of the songwriters, highlights the timeless quality of “Wondrous Things,” stating that it feels like an old song from the moment it was written. As this single finds its place in FAITHFUL’s upcoming album, the group aims to bridge the contemporary with the timeless, sharing truths that will endure for generations.

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