for KING & COUNTRY Releases ‘Unsung Hero’ Official Movie Trailer

Unsung hero

Multi-Grammy Award-winning duo for KING & COUNTRY has marked a significant milestone with the release of the official trailer for their second feature-length film, ‘Unsung Hero.’ The movie, titled “The Dramatic True Story of an Immigrant Mum and Her Family,” is set to debut in theaters on April 26, 2024, through Lionsgate and Kingdom Story Company.

Key Details:

  • Title: Unsung Hero
  • Release Date: April 26, 2024
  • Distributor: Lionsgate and Kingdom Story Company
  • Directorial Debut: Joel Smallbone
  • Starring: Joel Smallbone (as David), Kirrilee Berger, Jonathan Jackson, Lucas Black, Candace Cameron Bure, Terry O’Quinn, Hillary Scott.
Unsung hero flyer
Unsung Hero Flyer

About ‘Unsung Hero’:

‘Unsung Hero’ represents a significant moment for for KING & COUNTRY, with Joel Smallbone making his directorial debut and also starring in the film. The movie tells the dramatic and true story of an immigrant mother and her family, promising an emotionally charged and compelling narrative. The official trailer for ‘Unsung Hero’ was premiered via People Magazine, offering fans a glimpse into the highly anticipated film. The movie is set to explore themes of family, resilience, and the power of the human spirit. Fans eager to learn more about ‘Unsung Hero’ can sign up for updates on the movie’s official website, for KING & COUNTRY is a multi-Grammy Award-winning duo known for their powerful music and impactful storytelling. With a successful career in the music industry, the duo is now venturing into the world of filmmaking, bringing their creative vision to the big screen.

As the release date approaches, anticipation is building for ‘Unsung Hero,’ a film that promises to resonate with audiences through its emotional depth and compelling narrative.

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