Hannah B. Johnson Releases New Song “Rest” and Debut EP “I’ve Got More”

Hannah b. Johnson rest
Hannah B. Johnson Rest

Hannah B. Johnson has unveiled her latest song, “Rest,” as part of her debut EP, “I’ve Got More,” which was released on October 20, 2023. This song and EP project showcase Hannah’s incredible talents as a singer-songwriter and storyteller.

“Rest” is a song that was born from a moment of deep, reflective prayer, and it has since been a source of peace and solace for Hannah. The song carries a message of finding rest and solace in the peace of God, providing a sense of calm in times of turmoil.

I've got more cover art
I’Ve Got More Cover Art

“I’ve Got More” is a five-song EP that takes listeners on a journey through story songs and moments of reflective prayer. Producer Jeremy Casella assembled a talented studio team to bring these songs to life, and the project was recorded in Nashville. The EP features a full band with a warm and inviting sound.

Hannah B. Johnson, born and raised in Nashville, has been deeply influenced by music throughout her life. What began as a forgotten dream has now become a reality as she writes and records her own songs. Hannah’s music is an overflow of the words on her heart, and her songs are meant to encourage, inspire, provide comfort, and foster a sense of belonging through genuine and honest storytelling.

As Hannah steps into this new space with her debut EP, her hope is that people will find common stories and understanding as they listen to her songs. She wishes that listeners can relax into the relief of knowing that someone else understands their feelings and experiences.

Hannah B. Johnson is not just a musician but also a wife and mother. Her music reflects the richness of her life experiences and her journey to create melodies laden with the words on her heart.

“Rest” and “I’ve Got More” are now available for music enthusiasts to enjoy on all platforms here. This project is a significant step in Hannah B. Johnson’s musical journey, and she is excited to share her hope and light with the world.

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