James Kelso Unveils New Gospel Song “I’m Alive”

James kelso
James Kelso

Musician and songwriter James Kelso has released a new gospel song titled “I’m Alive.” James’ music is a fusion of country, pop, and Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) influences. With a passion for storytelling, his music often takes listeners on a journey, exploring themes of pain, struggle, and ultimately the hope of the gospel.

James Kelso’s eclectic taste in music brings influences from various genres, creating a unique and distinctive sound. His music is characterized by meaningful lyrics delivered with powerful melodic hooks. Each of his songs carries a compelling story, guiding the listener through challenges and difficulties to the promise of the gospel.

James kelso i'm alive
James Kelso I’M Alive

Throughout his career, James Kelso has received recognition and awards for his songwriting skills. He was named the 2015 AOCS Songwriter of the Year and earned the SongDoor International Songwriting Contest’s 2020 Grand Award. In 2021, he was also honored as the Christian Category winner in the Great American Song Contest. While James values these accolades, he identifies himself primarily through his faith in Christ, allowing his music to reflect his Christian identity.

James’ passion for creating meaningful and inspiring music has opened doors in his musical journey, even when he doesn’t know where they may ultimately lead. He remains committed to following God’s calling on his life and embracing the opportunities that come his way.

“I’m Alive” is the latest addition to James Kelso’s collection of heartfelt and faith-based songs. It is now available for music enthusiasts to enjoy

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