Honey Ribar Drops Emotionally Charged Song ‘Earthquake (Singing Your Praises)’

Honey ribar
Honey Ribar

Rising sensation Honey Ribar has set the music scene abuzz with her latest release, “Earthquake (Singing Your Praises).”

The song’s poignant opening lines, “You made me worthy, You called me from everything else that I’ve been,” set the tone for a deeply personal and spiritually charged anthem. “Earthquake (Singing Your Praises)” narrates Honey Ribar’s journey from the darkness of addiction to finding redemption and purpose through faith. The chorus, “Let the earthquake, the battles roar, And I’ll still be here singing Your praise,” resonates with a universal message of resilience and unwavering devotion.

In a heartfelt reflection on the song, Honey Ribar shares, “The Lord saved my life. I once was lost in the darkness of addiction, self-loathing as I forced my way through life. Without Him, there was no way. The day I gave my life to God was the day I chose to begin living this life that He has blessed me with. It is through Him that I find security, comfort, peace… the world can tear me apart, break me down, but knowing that I have Him with me has given me the confidence to maneuver this life, and because of Him, I will continue to sing!”

Honey ribar earthquake (singing your praises)
Earthquake (Singing Your Praises) Cover Art

Honey Ribar, known for her powerhouse vocals and infectious personality, has rapidly gained international recognition. With over 3.5 million views on her YouTube channel and performances at prestigious venues like Madison Square Garden and the Excel Energy Center, she has become a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

“Earthquake (Singing Your Praises)” follows the success of Honey Ribar’s previous hits, including “Rumors,” “Plastic,” and “Have Mercy.” Her music, with a distinct pop sound, has garnered attention from celebrities like Zendaya, Hunter Hayes, and James Franco.

Honey Ribar’s journey through recovery is reflected in her music, offering listeners an intimate glimpse into her emotions and experiences. The single “This Time,” produced by Italian DJ Teo Mandrelli, received radio play in the UK, while recent releases “Oh Lawd” and “Sleeping Ugly” showcase her emotional depth.

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