Voices of Praise Releases Debut Single ‘Amazing Grace (I Can See)’

Voices of praise amazing grace
Amazing Grace (I Can See) cover art

Voices of Praise, a gospel choir hailing from the Historic Scarboro Community in Oak Ridge, TN, has unveiled their debut single, “Amazing Grace (I Can See).” As the songwriter and Minister of Music for the choir, Joseph Greer is eager to share their inspiring story and music with the world.

Founded in a community with historical significance as the first city in the Southeast to desegregate schools, Voices of Praise carries a rich legacy and a message of unity through their soul-stirring music.

“Amazing Grace (I Can See)” showcases the choir’s exceptional vocal prowess and deep-rooted connection to gospel traditions. The song is a heartfelt expression of gratitude, celebrating the transformative power of grace and the clarity it brings to one’s life.

Amazing Grace, under the musical guidance of Joseph Greer, invites listeners to experience the uplifting and soul-enriching sound that defines their unique gospel style. The debut single is a testament to their commitment to spreading messages of hope, love, and faith through the universal language of music.

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