Howu Finds Spiritual Calling in New Christian Rap Anthem “Big God”

Howu Big God

South Carolina and Virginia, rapper Howu’s latest release, “Big God,” marks a powerful shift in his musical journey, as he embraces his newfound faith and delivers a captivating Christian rap anthem.

Born in Horry County, SC, and raised in Petersburg, VA, Howu felt music stir his soul from a young age. His innate talent led him to explore secular music, crafting “bangers” that resonated with audiences. However, a personal transformation guided him on a spiritual path, and now, when he steps into the booth, he feels the “spirit rush.”

“Big God,” the title track of his upcoming project, pulsates with the energy of Howu’s artistic evolution. This melodic rap banger is more than just a catchy tune; it’s a declaration of faith, an ode to the divine power that uplifts and inspires.