Howu Returns With “Hard 4 My God”

Hard 4 my god
Hard 4 My God

Harrisonburg, Va based musician Howu has recently released a compelling Gospel rap song titled “Hard 4 My God.” His musical journey has been deeply rooted in his upbringing, with a lifelong passion for music that has now evolved into a powerful expression of faith and spirituality.

From a young age, Howu has been drawn to music, with an innate ability to connect with the rhythm and melodies that surrounded him. While he initially ventured into creating secular music, his spiritual journey has led him to new heights, igniting a profound connection with his faith. As he steps into the recording booth, he feels the spirit rush over him, infusing his music with a melodic and captivating energy that resonates with listeners.

“Hard 4 My God” stands as a testament to Howu’s unwavering commitment to his faith and the transformative power it has had on his musical expression. The song serves as a compelling fusion of Gospel themes and rap elements, delivering a message of devotion, resilience, and spiritual growth.

Listeners are invited to experience the powerful and uplifting journey portrayed in “Hard 4 My God,” immersing themselves in Howu’s heartfelt musical narrative and the profound impact of his spiritual awakening.

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