James Kelso Releases Upbeat and Funky Song “Hope In The Morning”

James kelso
James Kelso

Singer-songwriter James Kelso has recently released his latest song titled “Hope In The Morning.” This upbeat and funky track delivers a fresh perspective on the message of hope found in Christ, accompanied by a groove that will make listeners want to move their feet.

“Hope In The Morning” beautifully contrasts a life lived before Christ with a life filled with the hope that only Christ can offer. James Kelso skillfully delivers the truth in a way that combines energetic music with meaningful lyrics. This release marks an evolution in Kelso’s sound, as he delves into groove-based productions while maintaining his strong lyrical focus.

James kelso hope in the morning
Hope In The Morning Artwork

The song was written as part of a three-day songwriting retreat in October 2023, where Kelso collaborated with writers from Tennessee, Texas, and Iowa. “Hope In The Morning” is one of five songs created during that weekend and is the second to be released. It showcases Kelso’s growth as an artist and his commitment to exploring new musical styles.

James Kelso’s music draws influence from country, pop, CCM, and his 20 years as a worship leader. His eclectic taste in music brings elements from various genres, resulting in a unique and captivating sound. Each song tells a story, taking listeners on a journey from pain and struggle to the hope found in the gospel.

Kelso’s talent has been recognized through awards such as the 2015 AOCS Songwriter of the Year, the 2020 Grand Award Winner of the SongDoor International Songwriting Contest, and the Christian Category winner for the 2021 Great American Song Contest. While he does not define himself by these accolades, they have opened doors for his music and allowed him to pursue God’s calling on his life.

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