Sarah Betshabaz Shares New Single “In the Name of Jesus Christ”

Sarah betshabaz
Sarah Betshabaz

Rising Christian singer and songwriter Sarah Betshabaz, based in Latvia, has recently released her latest song titled “In the Name of Jesus Christ.” This powerful and uplifting song is the seventh track on her recently launched 8-track album titled “Prayer Room.”

“In the Name of Jesus Christ” is a standout song on the album, carrying a message of faith, hope, and the transformative power of Jesus Christ. It resonates with listeners, encouraging them to find strength and solace in the name of Jesus Christ, while emphasizing the importance of prayer and seeking guidance from Heavenly Father.

The album “Prayer Room” is a compilation of meaningful and heartfelt songs that reflect Sarah Betshabaz’s deep Christian faith. Each track is crafted to inspire and uplift listeners, creating an atmosphere of worship and reflection.

Listeners can experience the full impact of Sarah Betshabaz’s music and message by immersing themselves in the entire “Prayer Room” album. It is a collection that invites individuals into a space of prayer, meditation, and connection with God.

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