Landon Stewart Releases Follow-up Single “Father of Sons and Daughters”

Landon stewart father of sons and daughters
Father of Sons and Daughters cover art

Paradigm Music Group is thrilled to announce the release of “Father of Sons and Daughters,” the latest original single from Christian recording artist Landon Stewart. The song is now available on all major music streaming platforms, including Spotify here

Recorded at Studio 812 in Lynn Haven, Florida, under the direction of award-winning producer Calvin Gann (The Gann Family, The Gann Brothers), “Father of Sons and Daughters” showcases Landon Stewart’s profound musical talent and dedication to spreading the message of faith through his music.

Landon Stewart’s journey into the world of Christian music began at the age of seven, where he developed a deep love for the genre. Over the years, he honed his skills on the guitar, bass, and piano, while also cultivating a passion for writing Christian music. His musical journey led him to join the youth worship band, where he played bass and later took on the role of leading worship each week.

As an older teen, Landon Stewart has continued to grow in his musical and spiritual journey. He now leads ministry for youth in his local area and extends his reach through social media, including his weekly short podcast titled “Cover to Cover.” “Father of Sons and Daughters” marks Landon’s third release, following his debut original song “God’s Got You” and its follow-up “Heaven Our Home.”

The new single is a testament to Landon Stewart’s commitment to creating uplifting and inspiring Christian music that resonates with listeners of all ages. “Father of Sons and Daughters” invites audiences to connect with the message of faith, hope, and the unwavering love of a higher power.

About Landon:

Landon developed his love for Christian music at the age of seven. While learning the guitar, bass, and piano over his childhood years he also developed a passion to write Christian music. Early on he joined the youth worship band playing bass, and later moved into the role of leading worship each week, where he gained even more experience in music. Now as an older teen, Landon leads ministry for youth in his local area and also on social media including his weekly short podcast “Cover to Cover.” “Father of Sons and Daughters” is Landon’s third release after his debut original song “God’s God You” and its followup “Heaven Our Home.”

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