Lucy Grimble’s New Concept Album “Between the Shadow and the Sun” Unveils Fresh Expressions of Worship

Lucy grimble
Lucy Grimble

UK artist Lucy Grimble has released her latest concept album, “Between the Shadow and the Sun,” which reflects her journey over the past three years, particularly during the pandemic.

This album delves into themes of trauma, doubt, unrest, and loss with raw honesty, offering listeners a glimpse into the human experience during these challenging times. Through 10 songs, Grimble creatively tells a story of hope and trust in God, even in the midst of darkness.

Between the shadow and the sun cover
Between The Shadow And The Sun Cover

The album takes inspiration from the duality of darkness and light, serving as a framework for Lucy’s exploration of her own experiences and the world’s recent events. Grimble emphasizes that pain and suffering are an integral part of the Christian journey and that learning to trust God in the midst of suffering is a significant aspect of faith.

The album features introspective tracks like “Shedding Skin,” “Ready for the Dawn,” and “Plans,” as well as uplifting songs such as “Hope (Again)” and “Spacious Place.” Throughout the album, Lucy conveys God’s constancy, kindness, and mercy, aiming to remind listeners of the trustworthiness of God, especially during difficult times.

With its intricate piano compositions, vocal textures, folk-infused melodies, and a blend of synth/electronic elements, “Between the Shadow and the Sun” offers a unique and broad appeal. It resonates with those who may be questioning their faith or seeking hope beyond mainstream expressions of worship.

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