Mike Janzen to Release ‘Songs From The Canyon’ on November 1

Mike janzen
Mike Janzen

Juno and Dove Awards-nominated artist Mike Janzen is gearing up to independently release his third album, “Songs from the Canyon,” on November 1st through Wings Access distribution. This album is a fusion of jazz, pop, and classical styles and features Janzen’s unique interpretations of Psalms. Through his music, he explores the breathtaking landscapes of creation and delves into the deep canyons of life’s suffering.

Produced by Timothy Abraham, an award-winning producer, the album boasts a diverse sonic landscape, ranging from soaring strings to a powerful gospel choir. The 11 innovative compositions are enriched with cinematic textures and feature guest performances by artists like Dee Wilson, a Chicago-based Stellar and GRAMMY Award-winner, and Indigenous Canadian artists Ray “Coco” Stevenson and Jonathan Maracle.

The lead single from “Songs from the Canyon,” titled “Took Hold,” is out now. Janzen was inspired to write this song based on his personal experience of suffering and finding strength in Psalm 18:16. In 2016, he suffered a debilitating concussion that left him unable to work for years. This challenging season led him to a deeper understanding of the presence of God in the midst of suffering.

In addition to the single, Janzen has released a live music video for “Took Hold,” featuring the Powerhouse Fellowship Soul Choir and a soulful rhythm section. The video showcases the powerful and emotive performance of the song.

A highly talented jazz pianist, composer, and arranger, Mike Janzen has toured extensively across North America, performing in concert halls, churches, and festivals. He combines his remarkable musical abilities with a passion for creating music that brings attention to the Creator.

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