Lucy Grimble’s “Ready For The Dawn” Captures the Beauty of Embracing Light

Lucy grimble
Lucy Grimble

London-based singer/ songwriter and worshiper Lucy Grimble has released her new song “Ready For The Dawn” off her upcoming album.

Amid the tumultuous year of 2020, characterized by the profound impacts of the pandemic, inner turmoil, and formidable mental health battles, Lucy Grimble found herself trapped in a daunting writer’s block. It was a time when every attempt to write seemed insignificant and futile.

However, out of this creative paralysis, a song emerged that shattered the silence and marked the beginning of a new chapter in her songwriting journey. That song also serves as the catalyst for her upcoming album.

“Ready for the Dawn” encapsulates a central theme that reverberates throughout the album—a delicate interplay between darkness and light, shadows and sunshine. Lucy Grimble reflects on this theme, stating, “During those bleak times, sometimes the sunrise was enough to remind me that things do change.” Through this single, she invites listeners to join her on a journey through the depths of mental health challenges, while also pointing to the unwavering promises of God.

“Ready for the Dawn” progressively builds, mirroring the listener’s journey from the profound depths of uncertainty toward the faint glimmers of hope found in the morning light.

listen to “Ready for the Dawn” on all platforms here

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