Michael J Martin Releases Inspiring Mini Album “TEMPLE OF GOD”

Michael j martin
Michael J Martin

Singer-songwriter Michael J Martin is excited to announce the release of his latest project, “TEMPLE OF GOD.” This four-track mini album is filled with inspiring heartfelt words of encouragement and meditative lyrics, offering listeners a profound musical experience.

“TEMPLE OF GOD” by Michael J Martin features a collection of songs that touch on various aspects of faith and spirituality. “ROCK TO ROLL AWAY” speaks of Christ’s Resurrection, while “DROWNING” tells the story of Peter’s Walk of Faith on the Sea of Galilee. “HUSH” is a reflection on the Still Small Voice, and “TEMPLE OF GOD” reassures listeners that they will not be turned away. A second volume is slated for release later this fall, promising even more uplifting music.

Temple of god artwork
Temple Of God Artwork

Based in Springfield, MO, Michael J Martin is a talented singer-songwriter with a unique voice and a sound that combines gospel and contemporary Christian elements. His music spans across genres, ranging from R&B to country to rock, showcasing his versatility as an artist. With over 400 songs in his repertoire, Michael continues to write memorable lyrics that resonate deeply with listeners.

Throughout his career, Michael J Martin has performed concerts in Kansas and the tri-state area of Iowa, Missouri, and Illinois from the 1990s to 2007. In Greenville, SC, from 2007 to 2017, he entertained audiences at coffeehouses and other venues. Michael has also served as a youth minister and a senior minister, lending his musical talents to various ministries and organizations.

“TEMPLE OF GOD” is a testament to Michael J Martin’s unwavering dedication to creating music that inspires and uplifts. Each track on the mini album offers a unique perspective on faith, complemented by Michael’s distinct sound and heartfelt delivery. Through his music, he aims to touch the lives of his listeners and remind them of the power of belief.

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