Mohit Harris Releases Inspirational Song “John 3:16 (For God So Loved the World)”

Mohit harris john 3:16

Mohit Harris, a talented multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter from Toronto, has just unveiled his latest creation, “John 3:16 (For God So Loved the World).” This heartfelt song serves as a personal prayer and an expression of admiration for God’s love and the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus for the salvation of humanity.

“John 3:16 (For God So Loved the World)” beautifully captures the essence of Christmas, reminding listeners that Jesus is the reason for the season. Mohit Harris’s deep connection to this beloved Bible verse resonates throughout the song, making it a cherished and meaningful piece for Christians worldwide.

As a musician influenced by contemporary Christian, blues, and pop rock genres, Mohit Harris brings a unique blend of musical styles to his compositions. His passion for exploring different genres allows him to create music that is both captivating and diverse.

With “John 3:16 (For God So Loved the World),” Mohit Harris aims to put into words and music the profound significance of this beloved Bible verse. His personal prayer and admiration for God’s love are beautifully conveyed through his heartfelt lyrics and soulful melodies.

As a devoted musician, Mohit Harris hopes that his song will be a blessing to listeners, inspiring them to reflect on the immeasurable love of God and the sacrifice of Jesus. His artistry and musical talent shine through in this inspirational composition.

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