Patrick Mayberry Releases ‘Wild Faith’ Album

Patrick mayberry
Patrick Mayberry

Singer, songwriter, and esteemed worship leader Patrick Mayberry has marked a pivotal moment in his career by releasing his highly anticipated full-length album, “Wild Faith,” through Centricity Music, available worldwide as of September 1. This musical opus beckons all with its untamed melodies and poignant lyrics, meticulously interwoven to guide listeners on a profound and life-altering expedition.

Experience “Wild Faith” now at this link, streaming on digital platforms globally.

With a keen understanding of the duality of sorrow and joy inherent in human existence, “Wild Faith’s” 10-track collection invites individuals to navigate the wilderness of their own lives. These songs, with the versatility to uplift Sunday worship services and explore the depths of the human experience, reassure every sojourner that they are never alone. Mayberry eloquently affirms, “Anyone who has put their faith in Jesus is a son or daughter of the God of the Universe, who intimately knows them and cares about every little detail of their lives. Your biggest plans and wildest dreams for your life? God’s are likely wilder, bigger, and crazier. Following God can be scary, but I promise, following Him is always going to be deeper and richer and better.”

“Lead On Good Shepherd,” the hit radio single from “Wild Faith,” was inspired by Patrick’s personal faith journey and Psalm 23. The track, already climbing the charts and currently in the Top 25 on the MediaBase Christian Audience chart, infuses a spirit akin to the Grand Ole Opry before transitioning into a foot-stomping rock groove, transforming a serene passage into a jubilant celebration. In addition to this single, the album offers two special versions of “Lead On Good Shepherd,” featuring the talents of Crowder and Zahriya Zachary. “Wild Faith” also includes standout tracks like “He’s Just That Good,” “Never Stop Singing” featuring David Leonard, and the introspective “A Million Times,” where Mayberry delves into personal storytelling.

Patrick Mayberry’s deep passion for fostering connections between people and the heart of God through music and corporate worship has led him to take his new music and fan favorites on tour. This fall, he joins forces with Jeremy Camp for a 15-city tour across Canada and select dates in the United States, commencing on September 8 in Camp Hill, PA.

“Wild Faith” stands as a testament to Mayberry’s dedication to delivering soul-stirring music that resonates with the spirit and journey of every listener. It’s a musical voyage that invites all to embrace faith, hope, and a deeper connection with the divine.

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