Peace Deborah Releases Uplifting Gospel Track “You Are God” Featuring Midé Naike

Peace deborah
Peace Deborah

British-Nigerian singer and songwriter Peace Deborah has once again graced the music scene with her soul-stirring gospel track titled “You Are God.” Featuring the talented Midé Naike, this song is a testament to Peace Deborah’s unwavering faith and musical prowess.

“You Are God” showcases the divine synergy between Peace Deborah and Midé Naike. The track is a harmonious blend of their powerful voices and heartfelt lyrics, making it a profound and uplifting gospel anthem.

You are god cover
You Are God Cover

“You Are God” is a soulful and inspirational song that draws its strength from the artists’ deep-rooted faith. The lyrics resonate with a message of praise and worship, affirming the greatness of the Almighty. Peace Deborah and Midé Naike deliver the song with heartfelt emotion, creating a spiritual connection with the listeners.

Peace Deborah’s musical journey has been marked by her commitment to creating music that reflects her Christian faith and values. Since her debut with “Unfamiliar Ground” in 2018, she has continued to use her talent to inspire and uplift others.

Midé Naike’s contribution to “You Are God” is nothing short of extraordinary. His vocals complement Peace Deborah’s beautifully, adding depth and richness to the track. Together, they create a powerful musical experience that is both moving and memorable.

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