Petrina Pacheco Releases Inspiring Single ‘Because of You’

Petrina pacheco
Petrina Pacheco

Today marks the much-anticipated release of Petrina Pacheco’s newest single, “Because of You,” to Christian radio stations worldwide. This latest addition from her album “I’m Not Her Anymore” is now available on Christian AC and Inspirational radio formats.

“Because of You” is a powerful testimony of faith and transformation. It is a collaboration between Petrina Pacheco, John Chisum, and David Baroni, and produced by Chris Springer for iNOV8 Productions, Inc.

Following her string of successful releases, including “I’m Not Her Anymore,” “My Savior,” “Be The Light,” “I Can Feel Your Presence,” and “Surrender,” which have made significant impacts on the Christian Radio Chart (CRC), “Because of You” is set to continue this trend of inspiring listeners around the globe.

Petrina Pacheco’s journey from personal struggles to a life filled with faith and purpose is evident in her music. Born and raised in Kiln, Mississippi, Petrina’s life story is one of overcoming adversity through faith, a theme that resonates deeply in her songs.

“Because of You” reflects Petrina’s transformation and gratitude, with lyrics that speak to the soul. It is a narrative of breaking free from the chains of the past and finding a new path in faith. The song is expected to connect with listeners worldwide, offering a message of hope and new beginnings.

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