Ellen Hayes Unveils Uplifting Anthem “Another Chance” feat. The Word of Truth Mass Choir

Ellen hayes
Ellen Hayes

Renowned singer-songwriter Ellen Hayes is set to release her latest single, “Another Chance,” featuring The Word of Truth Mass Choir.

The soul-stirring track is a testament to the power of resilience, hope, and the second chances that life often offers. Inspired by a profound experience three years ago, Ellen Hayes draws on a powerful story from her home church. A minister, facing a daunting battle with illness and loss, grappled with feelings of discouragement and doubted whether God truly understood his pain. Temporarily stepping away from his ministry in search of answers, the minister found clarity one day, allowing him to return to his calling.

During a poignant message, he expressed gratitude for God’s forgiveness and recounted how even in moments of speechless prayer, angels interceded on his behalf. Tragically, the minister passed away last year, leaving a lasting impact on Ellen Hayes. Moved by the universal theme of seeking redemption and the profound grace of second chances, she was inspired to create “Another Chance.”

Ellen hayes another chance
Another Chance Cover Art

The song serves as a reminder that, no matter the struggles or setbacks, God’s hands are always stretched out, offering humanity the opportunity to live anew, correct wrongs, and become better than before. In Ellen Hayes’ words, “So many people feel that way at times, but to know that God is there with His hands stretched out still offering us another chance to live, another chance to right our wrongs, another chance to be better than we were the day before. Hopefully, we won’t take life or people for granted.”

Beyond the deeply personal inspiration, “Another Chance” also reflects on Ellen Hayes and her family’s journey through significant health challenges. From overcoming epilepsy, cancer, kidney failure, diabetes, to triumphing over the adversities of the Covid pandemic, the artist expresses her gratitude for the countless chances and mercies bestowed upon her and her loved ones.

The collaboration with The Word of Truth Mass Choir adds a dynamic and uplifting dimension to the song, enhancing its spiritual resonance and delivering a powerful message of faith, healing, and gratitude. “Another Chance feat.

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