Singer Leanna Crawford Ties the Knot with NBA Player Cody Zeller

Leanna crawford and cody zeller

Leanna Crawford, known for hits like “Truth I’m Standing On” and “How Can You Not,” exchanged vows with NBA player Cody Zeller in a heartwarming ceremony on August 26th in Nashville, Tennessee. Exclusive photos from the wedding were shared by People magazine.

Leanna crawford and cody zeller

The radiant bride described the day as “a dream come true,” highlighting the beauty of the union they shared. As Cody Zeller, who plays center for the New Orleans Pelicans, and Leanna embark on this new chapter, they are excited to embrace the journey of life together as a married couple.

Leanna crawford and cody zeller
Leanna Crawford And Cody Zeller (Image By People)

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