Swedish Group LIN D Releases Inspirational Single “Right Now” Featuring Eris Ford

Lin d

Swedish music collective LIN D has just unveiled their latest song “Right Now,” featuring the talented Eris Ford. The single is now available on various streaming and digital platforms via DREAM Records. Produced by Dennis Lindéh and co-written by Dennis Lindéh, Emmy Lindéh, Ella Lindéh, Eris Ford, and Olivia Grasso, “Right Now” carries a profound message of seizing the moment and recognizing one’s unique potential.

In a world where many individuals find themselves caught up in the routines of everyday life, “Right Now” serves as a powerful reminder to break free from automatic thoughts and actions. The song encourages listeners to make the most of their God-given gifts and reflect on their choices, urging them to live in the present and fully utilize their potential to bring glory to God.

Dennis Lindéh, representing LIN D, shared, “It’s an encouragement that we all have great, unique potential, and to use it to give God glory. It is when you live right here, Right Now, that you see how special you really are. Right Now is our first collaboration with an American artist, and we’re so thrilled to have Eris with us on this one.”

“Right Now” marks LIN D’s debut collaboration with an American artist, further expanding the group’s creative horizons. The collaboration with Eris Ford adds depth and diversity to the track, enhancing its impact and resonance. The song’s uplifting message and infectious melody are sure to resonate with audiences globally, reminding them of the importance of living with purpose and embracing their individuality.

In addition to “Right Now,” LIN D’s previous single “Anything” has garnered attention and success, currently ranking at #3 on Christian Music Weekly (Rhythmic), #10 on Christian Music Weekly (CHR), and #35 on TheHotChart.com.

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