TaRanda Greene Unveils New Single: “Love Breaking Through”

Taranda greene
TaRanda Greene

Renowned gospel artist TaRanda Greene is spreading love and joy with the release of her latest single, “Love Breaking Through.” Originally performed during the 2020 National Pandemic for the Brooklyn Tabernacle Live Streamed Christmas program, the song is now available for a wider audience.

Listen to “Love Breaking Through” here

In a time marked by challenges and uncertainty, TaRanda Greene’s “Love Breaking Through” offers a message of hope and comfort. The uplifting single carries a powerful melody and heartfelt lyrics that resonate with the transformative power of love, especially during difficult times.

Amid the 2020 National Pandemic, TaRanda Greene shared the song with the Brooklyn Tabernacle audience, providing a moment of inspiration and connection during the Christmas season. Now, the release of “Love Breaking Through” allows listeners to experience the joy and positivity embedded in the music.

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