Gabby Poli Returns With Soulful Worship Song “Matthew 6”

Gabby poli
Gabby Poli

Gabby Poli, an artist driven by a deep passion for creatively expressing the love of Jesus, has recently released a new song titled “Matthew 6.” Growing up surrounded by music created by her Grammy-nominated music producer father, who worked with acclaimed artists like Ne-Yo, Jay Z, The Black Eyed Peas, and Nas, Gabby was inspired to explore her own love for music from a young age. She began singing as part of her local church’s worship team, and as her confidence on stage grew, so did her desire to pursue her own artistic expression.

Collaborating with her father, Poli Paul, Gabby embarked on a journey of songwriting and vocal performance, resulting in the creation of three albums that showcase a unique musical vision. Her sound is a fusion of worship lyrics with R&B and jazzy tracks, challenging the conventions of contemporary Christian music. Gabby and her father aim to create an expansive type of worship music that pushes the boundaries of what is typically heard in the genre.

“Matthew 6” radiates with a soulful blend of worship and R&B, reflecting Gabby Poli’s deep-rooted passion for her faith. With a musical upbringing shaped by her Grammy-nominated producer father, Gabby’s journey into music began early as she sang with her local church’s worship team. Collaborating with Poli Paul, she crafts a unique sound that challenges the conventions of contemporary Christian music. “Matthew 6” combines heartfelt worship lyrics with jazzy R&B vibes, creating a soulful and inspiring listening experience.

Through her music, Gabby Poli invites listeners on a soulful journey of faith and devotion, touching hearts with each heartfelt melody. Her desire to creatively express the love of Jesus is evident in every note she sings, making “Matthew 6” a powerful addition to her growing discography.

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