TikTok Sensation and Singer-Songwriter Olivia Lane Signs with BEC Recordings

Olivia lane
Olivia Lane

The multi-talented singer-songwriter and TikTok sensation, Olivia Lane, has officially joined the roster of BEC Recordings, solidifying her position in the music industry. This significant addition to her team comes on the heels of being added to SiriusXM The Message’s team of hosts, where she spreads faith, hope, and music to her listeners alongside industry veteran Al Skop.

Olivia Lane has come a long way since her viral TikTok videos documented her transformation from a non-believer to a faithful follower – a journey she humorously dubs “from atheist to amen.” She’s shared her faith, experiences, and music through the popular platform, capturing the hearts of a vast and diverse audience.

In her own words, Olivia Lane reflects on this extraordinary chapter in her life: “Back in 2020, the Lord whispered to my heart to ‘make the music’ and that He would handle the rest. Today, I stand amazed at the team the Lord has placed in my path. I’m thrilled to be joining the BEC family as I truly feel they honor where I’ve come from as an independent artist and see the vision for where I need to grow. I can’t wait to see what else the Lord has in store!”

Brandon Ebel, the President and Founder of BEC Recordings, discovered Olivia Lane’s exceptional talent through her song “Woman at the Well,” co-written with Jessie Reeves of the band KingsPorch. This collaboration immediately struck a chord with him, thanks to Olivia’s memorable sound and heartfelt lyrics. The BEC Recordings team is excited to partner with Olivia and looks forward to releasing the next chapter of her remarkable music career.

Olivia Lane’s journey continues to be an inspiring testament to her unwavering faith and the power of music to unite and uplift. As she prepares to release new music in 2024, she is poised to share her message, experiences, and melodies with an ever-growing audience.

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