Emmanuel’s Uplifting Gospel Music Strikes a Chord with New EP, “Beauty for Ashes”

Massachusetts-based music collective of eight sisters Emmanuel, is captivating the hearts of gospel music enthusiasts with their new song, “Beauty for Ashes.” This emotionally charged track is the second song on their recently released 4-track EP of the same name.

Emmanuel, the daughters of Rev. Richard Bullock Sr. of the original Bullock Brothers, have been harmonizing together for nearly four decades. Their rich family history in music, combined with their shared faith, has driven them to create soul-stirring gospel music that aims to spread the message of Christ and provide comfort and healing to those who listen.

“Beauty for Ashes” is a testament to the group’s unwavering dedication to crafting uplifting and heartfelt songs of worship. Through their music, Emmanuel strives to uplift spirits and bring solace to those in need. The EP carries a powerful message of renewal and hope, focusing on the concept that beauty can emerge from the ashes of life’s trials.

The eight sisters’ remarkable vocal harmonies and deep-rooted faith have enabled them to connect with audiences, making a positive impact on all who hear their music. Emmanuel’s music transcends boundaries and reaches the hearts of people from all walks of life.

“Beauty for Ashes” and the full EP are now available on all major streaming platforms. Preview the full project on Spotify here

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