Trampolines Reminds Listeners That God’s Love Is ‘Better’ in New Single


Electronic group Trampolines is making waves with their latest pop single “Better,” a song created in collaboration with writer and producer Nick Schwarz (known for his work on CAIN‘s “Rise Up Lazarus”).

“Better” is a feel-good summer pop track that carries a windows-down-and-cruise groove, according to singer Lane Terzieff. The song has already been performed on their tour across the country, bringing its mood-boosting energy to audiences.

But beyond its catchy sound, “Better” is grounded in the band’s faith and humanitarian spirit. Lane explains that the song conveys the idea that the things the world has to offer pale in comparison to God’s love for us. The song draws inspiration from the Bible, particularly the concept articulated by the Apostle Paul in Philippians 3:8-9, where he emphasizes the worth of knowing Christ above all else.

Trampolines has made a name for themselves not only through their music but also through their commitment to humanitarian efforts. They have engaged in on-the-ground emergency assistance in war-torn regions, fought against human trafficking, and brought hope to those in desperate situations. Their music and mission work go hand in hand, as they seek to share their faith and bring positive change to the world.

Following the release of “Better,” Trampolines embarked on a tour and mission trip to Mexico, where they performed in concerts, festivals, prisons, schools, and rehab centers, spreading their message of hope and faith.

Listen to Better on All platforms here

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