Worship For Everyone Releases New Single “As We Wait”

Worship For Everyone, the vibrant family worship movement, has unveiled their latest live single, “As We Wait.” This spiritually rich and uplifting track was recorded live at the UK festival Wildfires, capturing the essence of communal worship and spiritual growth.

“As We Wait” draws its inspiration from the book of Proverbs, specifically Proverbs 2, which urges us to seek wisdom and understanding. The song beautifully encapsulates the desire to create a sacred space in worship, one where individuals can patiently wait upon the Lord, seeking His guidance and aligning their hearts and minds with His divine wisdom and ways.

True to Worship For Everyone’s mission, “As We Wait” is designed to bring together both adults and children in a harmonious worship experience. Accompanying the single release is a simple actions video that encourages active participation, making it accessible to individuals of all ages and stages of life.

With “As We Wait,” Worship For Everyone aims to serve the global Church by fostering an environment where congregants can come together to seek the Lord and worship Him wholeheartedly. The song’s stirring lyrics and melodies provide a spiritual anchor, guiding worshippers on their journey of faith.

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