Alabaster Grace Releases Uplifting Single ‘Traveling On’

Alabaster grace
Alabaster Grace

Dynamic husband and wife duo, Alabaster Grace, has ignited the music scene with their debut single “Traveling On,” extracted from their latest project, “The Savior is Calling,” released under Westar Media Group. Comprising Brad Perry, a former NASA rocket scientist with an impressive accolade, and his wife Joanie Perry, a dedicated educator, Alabaster Grace is emerging as a force to be reckoned with.

“Traveling On” exudes a vivacious and uplifting vibe while conveying a resolute message of placing trust in God. Kathryn Livingston, Director of Client Services at Westar Media Group, remarks, “Alabaster Grace continues to deliver great music! ‘Traveling On’ is an upbeat song that delivers a strong message on trusting God.”

Turning to producer Corey Pavlosky of PipeDream Studios for their latest venture, the duo embarked on crafting the unique sound of “Traveling On.” The song, built upon the foundation of Philippians 3:12-14, encourages listeners to let go of the past, pressing forward towards God’s calling. Brad Perry emphasizes, “As believers, we are called to look to God in making all our decisions, both big and small.” The song encapsulates the concept of journeying through life with God as the compass, trusting His guidance in every step.

“Traveling On” originated over a decade ago, born from Joanie’s lyrics and melody. The song’s evolution over the years was heightened during recording sessions with Corey Pavlosky, resulting in a captivating jazz-infused composition, complemented by Brad’s acoustic and electric guitar finesse.

“We have been ending a lot of our presentations with this song for a number of years,” Brad affirms. The track’s theme revolves around surrendering to the Lord’s guidance and relinquishing fear and doubt. This journey of trust and letting go is underscored by the duo’s music, making “Traveling On” an anthem of faith and resilience.

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